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In addition to the company's own expertise, our offer is also based on cooperation with experts in areas such as IT, environment & climate, production and law. This allows us to quickly scale up with the help of experienced people and take greater responsibility in projects where our clients lack resources or in-house knowledge. We also regularly use students from Linnaeus University as resources in various areas of activity.


Functional CV Ove Jonsson

Business & Management

I have around 20 years of experience in business and management. I have worked as VP Sales and business unit manager for well-known companies such as Thule and CTEK. As a business unit manager, I have had personnel and operational responsibility for functions such as sales & marketing including key account management, customer service and orders, quality, technical project management and product development.

Sales & Marketing

I have 30 years of experience in sales and marketing from both traditional manufacturing industry and the IT sector. I have worked in all positions from KAM to VP Sales for companies such as Henkel, Trioplast, Optiroc, Thule and CTEK. I have extensive experience in working internationally and I have been working all over the world. In addition to my native language Swedish, I have an excellent knowledge in both English and German. I also have skills in Spanish but at a lower level. As a consultant, I have worked with many companies in very different industries over the last 12 years for shorter and longer periods of time with projects in the Nordics, Europe and Asia.

Project Management

I have worked 20 years in project driven organisations and I have extensive experience in project management within the areas of product development, customer projects and business change management. As a consultant, I have also been project manager for various types of change projects.


Since 2010, I have been working with sustainability in various ways. I have gained knowledge both through my daily work as a consultant and by attending various training courses. I have received training in many areas, such as GRI reporting, increasing profitability through sustainability projects, life cycle assessment of products and processes. I am also trained as a Certified Sustainability Strategist. As a consultant, I have been involved in various types of sustainability projects over the years. For a long time I have also supported, one of the world's leading developers of software for environmental compliance, life cycle assessment and sustainability analysis, in developing their business in the Nordic region.

Business Change Projects

During my time as an employee in different companies, I have always been interested in business change projects and I have continuously strived to improve the businesses I have worked with, which has led to increased turnover, higher profitability, better cash flow, and not least more enjoyable work tasks and increased satisfaction among the staff. As a consultant, I have carried out several projects where I have acted as an external assessor of workflows, people, products, customers and markets. Through interviews, workshops and the use of various IT tools, I have analysed businesses and found potential for improvement.  

Procurement of business support software 

Over the past 12 years, I have acquired extensive experience in IT support/software for business development. I have worked in go-to-market projects with developers of software for traditional business intelligence, environmental and climate management, people and culture analytics, behavioural and demand-driven space planning (offices and schools) and HR systems/people & talent management. As a consultant, I have on several occasions helped companies and organisations to define requirement profiles and procurement documents for different types of business support systems.

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