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Market Entry Through Resellers in Poland

A company that recently had been acquired by a venture capital firm and wanted to accelerate its international expansion brought me in as an advisor and project manager for a market entry project in Poland. The client had previously used importers in various countries for export initiatives. As they were working directly with eight different types of distribution chains in their home market, I suggested that they should abandon the importer route and work directly with large retail chains instead. I also suggested using Business Sweden's (former Swedish Export Council) organisation in Poland to find and contact suitable distribution partners/customers in the eight different market segments. I developed a clear mission statement for Business Sweden and was their contact person for the assignment. Once Business Sweden had booked meetings with potential customers, I conducted the meetings for three weeks together with my client's sales manager. I concluded the assignment with a report on the visits and my recommendation on how to proceed.

  • Business Sweden was extremely pleased with my requirements specification.
  • The requirements specification helped them to book good meetings for us with the right type of potential customers in the different segments. 
  • My client chose to go ahead with the partners I recommended.
  • Sales took off quickly in all the different segments and my client had never seen such rapid sales growth in a new market.
  • My client is still using the methodology I developed for them when entering new markets.

Market research Nordic countries

A four week assignment in which my European client asked me to conduct market research for a business management software. My client's main product was very successful in the domestic market where it was widely used by many companies with very different types of operations. The client also had a few products specialised for different market segments/industries. The client already had an idea to launch their software in the Nordic region in the same way as they had done 5 years earlier in their home market with full focus on the main product. I conducted a market research where I looked at players/competitors in the Nordic region, their solutions, price levels, market needs and preferences. I concluded that it would be pointless to launch my client's main product in the Nordic market as there were already many established alternatives, some of which had better functionality while the price level was significantly lower than in the client's home market. On the other hand, there was a large market without active competition for one of the client's specialised industry solutions where the Nordic market's needs matched the solution's specifications.        

  • The client followed my recommendation and only launched the specialised industry solution in the Nordics.
  • The client quickly took a lot of business in the segment and is still the market leader in that sector in the Nordic region.
  • Based on the existing business in the Nordic region, the customer has been able to expand its business by launching other products.