We are representing Inneo, IPoint, Phocas, and Workplace Analytics.

Inneo is a German producer of Project Management software, and they have developed a very innovative price winning project management software in Prios Foundation.

Prios Foundation is a Sharepoint based very easy to use product that helps project managers to control their projects, project members to know what tasks they have to fulfill in the different projects, and management to get an overview over all projects, and manage resources. We are acting as a general agent for Prios Foundation in the Nordic countries.

IPoint Systems is a world leading supplier of software for sustainability analysis. IPoints software platform will help companies and organisations to follow norms and laws in e.g. the environmental area. There are also possibilities to do recycling analysis for products, and to do carbon lifecycle analysis for products or processes. With the help of IPoint companies and organisation can improve their work in the sustainability area in all aspects of sustainability, i.e. economic, ecological and social.

Phocas is a UK based company that offers the most popular BI (Business Intelligence) software among the users of Business Intelligence tools in the UK, and Phocas has during the last 4-5 years won prices around the world in competition with other major Business Intelligence tool manufacturers. The main reasons for getting different awards is that Phocas offer a very user friendly product at a competitive cost level with the possibility for customers to rent or buy licenses. Phocas is SQL server based. We are acting as general agent for Phocas in the Nordic countries

Workplace Analytics (WPA) is an innovative software and service to define the optimal work environment for your office. It works so that your employees will answer a web based survey with questions about how they work and cooperate. Based on their answers we define your workplace requirements with the help of WPA. 

You will get the right workplace surface not too large and not too small
You will get a workplace that drives satisfaction, productivity, creativity and cooperation
Your employees will be involved in creating the workplace
WPA can be used when building or renting a new office but also to improve the workplace in the existing office environment.

You can as an add-on service also subscribe to WPA and use the software to simulate changes in your organisation, e.g. when you plan to hire more employees you can see how that will change your workplace need and design.

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