Phocas - why?

Phocas is based on a revolutionary concept - we call it Simplicity.

Phocas uses the world's simplest business intelligence interface to enable front line Sales and Management staff, working in companies with extensive product ranges and many customers, to sell more products, at higher margins, with less effort than before.

Phocas is simple to use

Phocas is simple, easy to use and has been specially designed for use by non technical staff. Even IT-illiterate users are up and running in a few hours.

Phocas is simple to deploy

Unlike generic Business Intelligence reporting and analysis tools, which require inherent technical expertise and months of development to set-up for your business, Phocas is the ultimate out-of-the-box solution for rapid deployment and immediate ROI.

Phocas is simple to achieve your objectives

Phocas' simple 'interactive intelligence' software allows you to follow a train of thought through all of your sales data. This means you can find the answers you're looking for in a matter of seconds.

Phocas is...

Simple business intelligence solution

Phocas is the world's leading simple business intelligence solution for sales driven organisations who want a fast, out of the box solution to help drive business performance and profitability. Phocas is the only solution that makes Sales, Purchasing and Financial analysis genuinely simple in order to see real, measurable results: immediately.

Whereas traditional Business Intelligence and software tools focus on turning data into information, Phocas has been specially designed to help front line Management and Sales staff turn information into results. Phocas enables organisations to quickly understand how they are performing; providing insight and clarity on how to improve business profitability and performance. Phocas is the only software based business intelligence solution that is endorsed by the ISMM, (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management).

“The ISMM finds that the Phocas Simple Business Intelligence and sales analysis tool is an excellent, user-friendly weapon in helping sales managers target and develop their markets....... We therefore think this is something which all sales managers should have at their disposal.”

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