Prios Foundation - Project Management

Inneo Prios Foundation puts you in control

Supported by Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, your work with Prios Foundation project management software is role- and task-oriented in it's approach. Combined with managed processes, you take command of projects, no matter how complex and are able to organise them intuitively. With Inneo Prios Foundation's simple and results-oriented project management software, you have time again to concentrate on the essentials.

Prios Foundation's project management software

  • Create projects in seconds
  • Transparency concerning all project statuses
  • Low training and support effort
  • Substantially enhance the communication within the project team
  • Reduce the effort required for internal and external communication

Inneo Prios Foundation project management software may run on the basis of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Office SharePoint Server 2007. On the basis of Microsoft's technology platform, project management can thus be implemented rapidly with little effort.

Prios Foundation's project management software

  • Completely integrated into the Microsoft Office environment
  • Predefined project planning templates and document libraries
  • Individualised project websites for diverse project types
  • Innovative resource planning for projects and departments
  • User-friendly due to familiar surface design
  • Possible to exchange data with other data bases e.g. from ERP or CRM systems

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